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About Us

 Crystal Cockroft is the founder and a trainer at Canine Hope for Diabetics. She comes to us with  wide variety of skills and background in dog training. Crystal started her work with animals at a local Humane Society. She then spent five years in the Coast Guard doing maritime law enforcement. Crystal then went onto K-9 Search and Rescue and has worked in Human Remains Detection, Area Search, Trailing, and currently works a Type 1 FEMA certified Disaster dog. Crystal is able to use her experience in K-9 scent and transfer that into Diabetic Alert work. 


Johanna Reynolds is our Chief Financial Officer and real time scent trainer.   Who also heads up our diabetic scent training program.  Having been a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 7, she is an intricate part of our Canine Hope Team and a great asset to all the families within our program.   Johanna understands the trials and tribulations of Type 1 and enjoys helping people through her own experiences as a diabetic with her own special Diabetic Alert Dog Porcha.




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