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Teams in Service

Jackson RN
Jackson is a black male Labrador Retriever born June 24, 2013. He comes to us from Neverest Labs in Fox Lake, WI. Jackson is a half-sibling to Lexi and Glory.  Jackson has been permanently placed with Renee Nelson as of December 13, 2015.  Congratulation's! We are so happy to watch and support them as they continue there journey!

Roxy RN

Roxy is black female black Labrador Retriever and was born April 28, 2013. Roxy is Maverick's sister. Roxy was permanently placed with the Guidi Family of Menifee, California on July 26, 2015. We can't wait to watch this team grow. Congratulations!

Orion is a male yellow Labrador Retriever born April 30, 2013. Orion was permanently placed with Max Domi July 25, 2015. Max Domi is a hockey player for the London Knights in Canada and we look forward to helping them transition to Arizona as he starts his NHL career with the Arizona Coyotes. Congratulations!

Benson RN

Benson is a Golden Retriever, born September 1, 2013. Benson comes to us from Florida and shares the same mother as D.A.D. Flame. Benson enjoys the company of people and is not afraid of a challenge. Benson was permanently placed with Taylor Tindall on March 29, 2015. We can't wait to see this team grow. Congratulations!

Maverick RN

Maverick is a male black Labrador Retriever born April 28, 2013. He comes to us from
Bayvue Labradors in Northern California. He is smart and very willing to learn. Maverick was permanently placed with Carsen Heaton in Tacoma, Washington in February 2015. Congratulations.


Noah is a yellow, male Labrador Retriever, born October 2, 2013. He is a humble mellow boy that just loves to be with people. He loves to learn and is a constant shadow to his handlers. Noah was placed with the Suarez family in Los Angeles, CA in February 2015. Congratulations!

Kane RN

Kane was born January 21, 2013. Kane is a sweet and well-balanced boy with a ton of personality! Kane is catching on to the daily routine and proving to have a great nose. Kane comes to us from Bayvue Labradors in California. Kane was placed with the Cooper family in Colorado in January 2015. We are excited to watch this team grow. Congratulations!


Dexter is a yellow male Labrador Retriever puppy from the April 30, 2013 repeat litter. He is smart and confident.
Dexter was permanently placed on July 20, 2014 with Joseph Enriquez. Congratulations Team JoJo and Dexter we are excited to watch you grow as a team.


Phoebe was born October 2, 2012 and is a female yellow Labrador Retriever. She is smart and very willing to please.
Savannah Hamilton and Phoebe were permanently placed on June 30, 2014. Congratulations Team Savannah and Phoebe. We look forward to watching this team grow together.


Rocco was born March 30, 2011 and is D.A.D. Rosie's full brother. He was returned to his breeder in Michigan due to a family situation at which time, we knew we had to add him to the program. He is a happy and willing dog who wants to be close to people. Valerie and Rocco were permanently placed together on June 8, 2014. Congratulations Team Valerie and Rocco.


is another member of the in-house scent imprinted litter born October 2, 2012. Able is a black Labrador retriever. He is smart, confident and friendly. Able and Matthew have been working hard over the past year learning obedience and bonding with one another. They were placed together on May 26, 2014.
You can follow Matthew and Able's journey on Facebook at "Life with Able - Matthew's Guardian."Congratulations Team Matthew and Able.


is another member of the in-house scent imprinted litter born October 2, 2012. Apollo is a male yellow Labrador Retriever. He is a happy, friendly, and very curious boy. Apollo loves to be with people and always seems to be right there.
Apollo and Riley bonded very quickly and were placed together as a team on April 20, 2014. You can follow Riley and Apollo's journey on Facebook at "Hope for Riley, A Diabetic Alert Dog for Ry." Congratulations Team Riley and Apollo.


Jedi was born October 2, 2012 and was part of a litter of 8. He was one of Canine Hope's first in-house litter specially bred and imprinted to become Diabetic Alert Dogs. Bella, his mom, is D.A.D. Hero's sister and Teddy, his dad, is the father of our D.A.D. Rosie. Jedi loves to learn and has the ability to be calm yet loves to work. Jedi has been paired with 4-year old Luke in Glendale, CA. You can follow Luke and Jedi's journey on Facebook at
"Saving Luke - A Diabetic Alert Dog for Luke." We are so excited to watch this team grow up together!

Radar was born December 12, 2012 and comes to us from Kilara Ridge Labradoodles in Oregon. Radar is now with Talan and off to a great start alerting. We are excited to watch these two become an even better team.
You can follow Talon and Radar's journey on Facebook at "Talon's Top Dog."

Flame JH CGC

Flame is an 18-month old Golden Retriever that was a gun dog and decided she wanted to be a diabetic alert dog. She has had training in agility, rally and FEMA disaster work. Flame completed team training in December 2013 and is now placed with Lydia Forehand in Tyler, TX. Congratulations!

Lexi CGC

Lexi and Grace completed team training on September 21, 2013. Grace and Lexi live in Sacramento, CA. Lexi has gotten off to a great start alerting for Grace. Lexi is a Started Dog and was born June 5, 2012. We are excited to watch this team bond and grow.

was placed in April 2013 with Joey Colosi in Coral Springs, Florida. Ranger is a Started Dog born June 15, 2012. The Colosi family has already started rally classes and are doing a great job continuing Ranger's training. We look forward to watching this team's growth.
You can follow Joey and Ranger's journey on Facebook at "A Diabetic Alert Dog for Joey."

was born in July of 2011and was placed with Sarah Gonzalez in Sacramento, CA in March of 2013. Scout and Sarah have been a pleasure to work with and we will enjoy watching this team excel together!
You can follow Sarah and Scout's journey on Facebook at "A Diabetes Service Dog for Sarah."

was placed in March 2013 with Lori Mayfield of Modesto, CA. RJ is a Started Dog born May of 2012 and is a perfect match for Lori. We look forward to watching these two become an even better team than they already are!
You can follow Lori and RJ's journey on Facebook at "RJ the Diabetic Alert Dog."

Major RN CGC & Raven RE RA RN CGC

Major is a 3-year old Labrador that was rescued from an abusive gun dog trainer. When we got Major he was underweight and afraid of life. Major was a team effort of many people and after giving him time to learn that he was okay, Major blossomed. Major is part of the Wisneski family and watches over 9-year old Stella. Rescue is very important to the Wisneski family so when Major became available we knew he would be a great match.

Many months went by and it was apparent due to Major's hard life that he was not going to be a night alerter or feel confident in the car; he simply slept. Major is an excellent public and daytime alerter. This is where Raven came in. Raven has some public barking issues and is a very high energy dog making her unseemly for public access work and a hard dog to place. Raven, however, is an excellent nighttime alerter and great in the car. So Raven is now a permanent member of the Wisneski household, also known as "Team Black Dog." Please follow their journey on Facebook at "A Guardian Angel for Stella."

Johanna did a lot of work with Porcha during her real-time diabetic training. During that time, Porcha began to exhibit some unique sensitivities and sadly we came to the conclusion that she would not be able to be placed with a family. However, the bond between Johanna and Porcha was quite clear and we decided it would be best to keep these two together. They are an amazing team and we are so happy to see that their bond continues to get stronger everyday. We are so thankful Johanna still continues to help with our new dogs in training!


Rosie and Brianna completed team training July 14, 2012. Brianna and Rosie live in Loudonville, Ohio. Rosie has gotten off to a great start alerting at night, from a distance, and through all types of distractions. Rosie is a Started Diabetic Alert Dog and was placed at 15 months of age.
We look forward to watching this team's relationship grow.

Brutis CD RN CGC

Brutis is a yellow Labrador Retriever born August 20, 2010. Brutis was bred to be a competitive field trial dog but it was determined that he was better suited to being a Diabetic Alert Dog. Brutis is now Quinn's forever partner in Coto de Caza, California as of May 2012!! We did a team check in October and they are becoming a great team! Brutis goes to school daily with Quinn, age 10, and she is an excellent handler of Brutis.

Hero CGC

Hero is a black male Labrador born December 28, 2010 at Neverest Labadors in Fox Lake, WI. Hero is now in service with his handler, Nancy Evans in Greenville, South Carolina. Hero was raised and trained by Stefanie Loraas. Hero and Nancy are a wonderful team and we look forward to working with them and keeping them on track as they grow as a team. We have checked in with Hero and Nancy and they are taking obedience classes to continue their team building and Hero is alerting well for Nancy and a perfect gentlemen in public.


Oakly is an Australian Shepherd from Medallion Aussies in Southern California. Jaye and Oakly became a team June 17, 2011. Jaye lives alone so Oakly is a very welcome guardian angel for Jaye. Oakly came back to us for some more advanced training and has since returned home with Jaye.

Kim and Destiny officially became a team December 11, 2010.This team resides in the Salt Lake City area of Utah. Destiny has grown up quite a bit since her placement and is doing an amazing job. Destiny is Epie's half sister also from Medallion Aussies in Perris, CA. Kim and Destiny are now a great team and growing together every day. Destiny was donated by her breeder and then was donated to Kim in appreciation of her volunteer real-time work with Epie.

Jill and Epie met for the first time on November 4, 2010. They live in Shell Beach, CA. Epie went right to work for Jill the day they met and we are confident they will grow to be a very solid team. Epie is a 2-year old Australian Shepherd from Medallion Aussies in Perris, CA.

Conner and Halo have been training since November of 2009. Conner is 18 years old and Halo was born August 28, 2009. Halo came to us from Jackcreek Labradors in Wyoming. Halo has been living with Conner since June 17, 2010 in Sedona, Arizona. We are very excited to watch this team grow together!


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